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Hepatoblastoma Community Conference



Saturday, May 15, 2021




Thank You to everyone who attended.  We had over 130 people register from 18 different countries! We will get out the releasable content from the conference out as soon as possible. We look forward to seeing you in Boston for the 2023 conference! 



Morning Events:

Presentation on Hepatoblastoma Community Initiatives

Presentation on Research & Novel Treatments for Hepatoblastoma

*Panel of Worldwide Hepatoblastoma Experts – Extended Question & Answer Session*

ChiLTERN (European Parent Network) Meet & Greet Discussion Group




Afternoon Events:

Breakout Group 1: Survivor Parent Panel & Discussion

Introductions, bone/teeth density, cognitive development, 

post-therapy monitoring, quality of life


Breakout Group 2: Relapse/Refractory Parent Panel & Discussion

Introductions, scanxiety, AFP trends, relapse registry/database, nutrition


Breakout Group 3: Bereaved Parent Panel & Discussion

Introductions, healing after loss, legacy & remembering your child, 

sibling & family impact








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