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Tissue Donation

Why consider donation? 

Imagine a time in the near future when your child could receive the most targeted and least toxic treatment that would fight the specific form of Hepatoblastoma that your child has with a simple fine needle biopsy and genetic sequencing of the tumor tissue... eliminating trial rounds of unresponsive toxic chemotherapy... this is everyone's possibility, but only through research!


Read details below about your ability to create Hepatoblastoma cell lines and how your child can contribute to research by donating a tissue sample.  Our community is particularly interested in high-risk, chemo-resistant, and relapsed Hepatoblastoma samples.  Check with your oncologist to see if there is specific Hepatoblastoma research being done at your location and if they are accepting fresh tissue to a biobank for research.  If you are not at a major research hospital that can accept the donation, you can read about the CuRe-FAST program below which services the US and Canada. Known research locations can be found here.


Tissue Research

Hepatoblastoma: A need for cell lines and tissue banks to develop targeted drug therapies


CuRe-FAST Program

Cancer Registry for Familial and Sporadic Tumors


Legacy Gift

The value of tumor tissue from autopsy

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