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Research Publications

CD203c is Expressed by Human Fetal Hepatoblasts and Distinguishes Subsets of Hepatoblastoma
The Role of Registries and Tumor Banking in Rare Pediatric Tumors
Rare Tumors in Children: Progress Through Collaboration
Patient-Derived Mouse Xenografts From Pediatric Liver Cancer Predict Tumor Recurrence and Advise Clinical Management
PARP1 activation increases expression of modified tumor suppressors and pathways underlying development of aggressive hepatoblastoma
Germline APC mutations in hepatoblastoma
Towards and international pediatric liver tumor consensus classification: proceedings of the Los Angeles COG liver tumor symposium
FXR-Gankyrin axis is involved in development of pediatric liver cancer
Curcumin: an adjuvant therapeutic remedy for liver cancer
The Role of BH3-Mimetic Drugs in the Treatment of Pediatric Hepatoblastoma
Trends in International Incidence of Pediatric Cancers in Children Under 5 Years of Age: 1988–2012
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